How to make big profits in mail order starting from scratch?

A lot of people are going to tell you that there are “no more secrets” to making the big profits in mail order. These same people will laugh at you and call you a “fool” for wasting your time chasing rainbows that don’t exist.

Don’t you believe or even listen to them! The opportunities for wealth beyond your wildest dreams via the direct mail sales of a product or service have never been greater!

If you have an idea, product, or service now is the time to capitalize on it via mail order selling. You can definitely start “on the kitchen table” and parlay it into millions of dollars.
Others have done it and continue making themselves a success. Now it’s your turn for a piece of the pie.

As with any other profitable business the procedure of making “profits” by mail has its own set of rules. Learn these rules, adhere to them, adjust them to your own circumstances, draw up a “battle plan” and work, work. Persevere, be aware of other people’s marketing methods, continue up grading your own product or service, and with determination you can become a millionaire in your own right. Then YOU can look over your shoulder at those who were laughing at you, and perhaps help them in some small way!

Knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge are the basic keys to success. You must identify the goal you want to attain, understand what it takes to reach that goal, and then dedicate yourself to getting there.

The path to the successful achievement of your goals through direct mail fall into three distinct categories:

(1) Market Research and product selection (2) The use of “targeted” mailing
lists, and (3) Customer Follow Up.

If you can understand the “hows and whys” of these rules then there’s virtually no way you can help but succeed in the field of mail order, even starting
from scratch.

Market Research has to do with the selection of the proper product, identifying your “most likely” buyers, and getting your product offer to these people.

Product selection is the mostbasic, and thus the most important first step.

Stop and think. Look around yourself. Listen to find out what the “people” are clamoring most.

In this day and age, much of thenoise in the air has to do with topics such as, “How can I find a job?”, “How can I put together a resume that will get me a job
when I spot an opening?” “Where are the best jobs to be found?” With these thoughts in mind, the person who writes, publishes, and gets and instructional manual or newsletter relative to these questions to the people will sell as many as he can produce.

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